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Deadly Sins Of Search Engine Optimization

Following are some points and if you do this then it is sure that your website will get a very low search engine rank. Avoid these SEO deadly sins.

The titles of the website have very high importance. If your website title does not contain any keywords, then this will be a cause to demote your site. This is like you open a store and close its doors. No one can knock on your door if he/she wants to buy something. People will move forward to open door store. The search engine works like this.

The search engine spider searches the text on your site not the images or flash animation on your sites. Try to keep good and useful contents on your website. People do not have much time to see your graphics; they come here only for searching good and useful information. In the ALT tag of images, write down the description about the image. This will do something better for your website.

Make menu as simple as you can, this will help the search engine spider to navigate your site easily. Try to design your menu system using textual links and CSS (cascading style sheet). If it is necessary to use a complicated menu, then design your sitemap that can be easily accessible from your main page. If the spider does not construe clearly your menu system, then spider goes through your sitemap for searching your website.

If one does not have sufficient time or skills to do this then an affordable SEO company, which offers complete search engine optimization services is just the answer. There are a lot of companies all over the world doing search engine marketing.

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