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Finding The Right Keywords For Your SEO

Article Marketing is a very important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Informative and well written articles that are rich in keywords are going to help you in getting more traffic directed to your website. However, when it comes to writing articles, just informative article are not sufficient. Articles need to contain keywords that are related to your business and that people will type in when searching online.

You need to identify those keywords and get those incorporated in your articles so that they show up high on search results. The challenge is to choose the right keywords while writing your articles. Before you start writing, you should know what keywords or phrases you would be focusing on. Your selection of keywords is extremely essential for SEO success. In this article, let us consider a few tips on how to choose the right keywords for your SEO.

Need for proper balance

When it comes to choosing the right keywords for SEO, the first thing you need to remember is that you need not be too broad or too specific when choosing your keywords or terms. You need to have a good balance between the two. The words or terms you use should be broad enough to cover most of the prospective search, but precise enough for you to get top rankings in search results. For e.g. “Marketing” is a very general term, whereas “Online Marketing techniques that work for small businesses” is something that has that fine balance to get you top rankings.


Getting on top of search results takes time and frequency. You need to write regular articles, which consistently aim at providing quality information to readers. However, how do you produce an article that is high on quality? You need to focus on writing about things you already know. Writing just one article and expecting to gain top ranking is unrealistic, to say the least. You need to write regularly and this can be done only when you know what you are writing about. Every writer has a certain subject that comes most naturally to him; you need to focus on that subject for yourself.


Doing research does not really require much expertise. A simple step like using ‘auto complete’ while using Google search engine will help. When you type a certain word in the Google search engine the auto complete feature combines with Google to suggest certain phrases that are more relevant to the search words typed. This is most helpful for the basic research you need before moving on to research that is more technical.


Once you have got the keywords or phrases, you should get down to writing. The more you think about it, the more the doubts will come into your mind about the keywords you have selected to write. Keep it simple, do some research, get the keywords you want to focus on, and get down to writing your content.

Writing articles that are rich in keywords is very important. However, finding the right keywords that will work is even more important. If you target the right keywords, you will definitely be able to get the right results you are looking for. This will help make your SEO strategy a success.

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