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Google Changes Raise Privacy Concerns

SEO involves a lot more than simply watching out for what Google is up to. However, it is not possible for web SEO services to achieve sustainable success without paying close attention to Google. A case in point could be said to be the changes being made in relation to privacy. Critics have already contended that Google is in danger of making an error equivalent to that made by Facebook in years gone by.

At Web SEO Mall, we look beyond the headlines, whether we are scrutinizing search engines or social media. This means that we look at the positives and the negatives of changes in the sphere of search. Too many commentators lack balance because they are committed to one way of looking at things.

Google is making changes, which have privacy implications in order to raise profits. It wants to successfully combine the privacy policies that have applied across the range of what it has offered in terms of diverse services. This simplification does have its merits, although some products will remain outside the umbrella for various reasons.

Returning to the main point, Google is essentially making it easier to target consumers with advertisements. However, this approach may spark a backlash. Not everyone will appreciate their data being shared between distinct Google services. This may lead to some individuals deciding to use Google for a narrower range of things.

If there is complaining about the new arrangements escalates, Google might wish that they had never sought to fix something that was not broken. On the other hand, unless large numbers of users react, Google could well get more resources and enjoy greater popularity.

2015-06-16 12:00:00

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