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Propelling The Waves Of Penguin 2.0 Update

Over the past years, Google has been seesawing with the global entrepreneurs through its high profile and incredibly shape-shifting algo updates. Its dramatic transformations are creating as well as running business empires. However, one thing is for sure, Google wants quality from the business owners, web analysts, SEO professionals, brand evangelists, and digital marketing experts; and through its updates it is creating check posts for quality. These updates will not only going to refine the search engine results, but also add quality in the business dealings. The consistent series of updates from Panda to Penguin are bringing quality to the search engine optimization field. In fact, these are especially engineered to address the critical issues of content credibility, web spam, low quality back link, and much more that has great influence on search engine optimization.

Some business owners thinks that these strict rules will hamper their progress and take them down from their eminent positions, but the case is different, Google prefer quality and relevancy so that only genuine business owners and seekers can fulfill their needs through online query processing. It will significantly influence business productivity and eliminate fake experts. In essence, business marketers must focus on content quality, relevant & ethical optimization techniques.

To look more closely, just consider the upcoming update Penguin 2.0, which will again unfold new things and will fight with low quality optimization strategies from spammy links to low quality back links. It has been speculated that the new updates will fetch the efforts that are constructed purely for SEO purpose, for examples, if your backlinks are coming from SEO sites for promotion only, then your web site will be severely punished. In fact, if you want to remain safe, then you need to avoid overuse of anchor text, and alt tags.

Indeed, you need to analyze, evaluate, scour, and update your backlinks, encircle dead links, and remove them instantly. This will help you gain prominence in a frictionless way; you also need to evaluate backlink factors, such as:

  1. Domain IP
  2. Domain Age
  3. Domain Google PageRank
  4. Alexa Rank
  5. External links for page

You can see the factual details on the image, as well.

In addition, you need to focus on those inks with one and the same anchor text, because it will cause great problem for your website. In simpler terms, you need to probe extensive use of such backlinks. If you are unable to determine such links, then you need an internet marketing expert with you! However, for the safer side, you can use several ethical back linking strategies, such as hybridization of anchor text, universal anchor usages, etc.

However, you should always follow thumb rules, like no keyword stuffing, calculated use of keywords, avoidance of spammy content, elimination of duplicate content, creation of exclusive and sensible content for customers. You can make efforts to get backlinks from varied sources, such as blogs, videos, press releases, and social media sites. It would be significantly rewarding! 

In this era of high proliferation of media channels, you need to stay calm and think again for creating tangible values for your business. However, to remain smart and ever so competitive, you need to stick to Google webmaster tool to hold its nerves. It will help you remain updated and you can think in Google way! Stay updated! 

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