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SEO, SMO, SEM! Learn The What And How Of Them

Firms today have no doubt grown to appreciate the efficacy of SEO, SEM and SMO services in taking their business viral. OK, now what are these and how does a company incorporate it into their business? One way of incorporation is to get your hands dirty, as it were, and do it yourself. The Internet does have a good many DIY guides to online marketing. But most firms are opting for professional SEO consulting services to take control of this crucial aspect of marketing. The intricacies involved are best to left to the experts – the SEO Consultants.

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO)has become a word synonymous with online visibility.  A lot has been said about SEO services. It can be further divided into on-page and off-page SEO: on-page optimisation which includes working on the pages of the website itself, and off-page optimisation which includes working on it ‘off-site’ as it were, making use of link-building and other tools that is directed to building traffic towards your website covers through other sites. A blend of both is required to gain the necessary attention online. Article Submission Servicesis just one of the growing off-page SEO techniques that have found a growing importance long with Blog Posting, Press Release Distribution and others.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) are two other names that are of equal importance as online marketing tools. Here is a glimpse into them:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a tool that increases visibility of websites in Search Engine pages through advertising and optimisation. SEM uses Search Engine Optimization (organic service) and Paid Inclusion Services or Pay Per Click listings (inorganic services) to achieve this objective. So it is effectively a wider discipline that incorporates SEO in its function.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) utilizes Social Media to increase visibility and build publicity for websites.  Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc., RSS feeds, social news, blogging and bookmarking sites have been the primary media for SMO operations. It has a huge relevance in SEO Marketing by its ‘like’ and ‘share’ option which gives Search Engines an idea of the popularity and superiority of a website providing a sound basis for its ranking and visibility on Search Engine Results pages.

Another very effective tool in online marketing is the Social Bookmarking feature. This is an online tool that makes effective use of backlinks through bookmarking your content in Social Bookmarking sites. Over time this bookmarks will mean a higher Page Ranking on Google and such websites. The thing to keep in mind while selecting the social bookmarking site for your specific web content is to ensure that the site has a do-follow link. There are a number of High Page Ranking Dofollow Blog commenting sites that can be tapped to create high PR backlinks for your web content. Internet Marketing specialists like Web SEO Mall who specialise in all SEO related services, offer affordable SEO packages with permanent One-way links that last a lifetime. They provide customised tags and descriptions for your website that ensures traffic and high PR. Along with all these tools they also perform an SEO audit of your website to optimise your web performance in Search Engine listings!

The world of Internet Marketing has much more than you thought isn’t it? I hope this article has helped you with knowledge of the basics. DIY doesn’t look that simple any more right!? No worries take it the professional way – speak to an Online Marketing Consultant today!

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