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The survival of the fittest is no more a concept of the wild. The growing competition around every business means, that to survive, you need to have a robust and out of the box approach to even the most common way of promoting your business. From print media to commercials, from hoardings to computer screens, marketing strategies have evolved as fast as our technology. Over the past few years, businesses have tended to bombard internet users with lots of information on their products and services. A personal website giving information on everything your customer needs to know was followed up by advertising products and services on other frequently visited web pages also known as Affiliate Marketing. This was followed by SEO services that promised to keep your business on top of Search Engine results and increase your reach. These Internet Marketing techniques still exist and are working wonders for many businesses. However, the question is what’s next? The answer - Social Media Marketing.

The growing popularity of Social Media means a bigger opportunity to get your business noticed. According to reports, Facebook alone has 1.15 Billion monthly active users. Now that’s a vast and an international audience to address. Does that sound interesting to you? Does it look like a lucrative marketing opportunity for your business? If yes, then let us explore how Social Media and Networking can help your business grow?

What does Social Media Marketing mean?

Millions of people today use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube etc to get connected to friends, relatives, colleagues, and people sharing common interest. Reports show that more and more people prefer social networking sites as their preferred means of communication. This means it surely is the most effective platform to promote your business. In short, all that you do to promote your businesses on Social Networking sites can be considered as Social Media Marketing.

How can Social Media Marketing benefit my business?

 Social Media Marketing works on the concept of Viral Marketing. It means that when you are promoting a business online and it grabs the attention of a user, he or she shares it with her group of friends who in turn share it with their network of friends and so on. This leads to a wider audience reach and more business exposure. It also helps in generating genuine business leads which means increase in sales. It can help you get higher search engine rankings, leading to more traffic to your website and enhancing your brand reputation. It also helps in keeping your marketing budget in check. Promotional Videos, Creative Articles and Blog Posts are some of the methods which are used in Social Media Marketing. By engaging your followers with regular surveys, online contests and promotional discounts, you can build an online rapport that will aid your business growth. Like any other marketing technique, Social Media Marketing also needs to be implemented in the right way to reap benefits. If this is not your field of expertise, I suggest hiring an online Social Media marketing provider to manage this concept of marketing for you.

The ever growing popularity of Social Networking sites means that you can no longer afford to overlook the role it can play in boosting your business. The competition is tough, challenges – many. So if you want to make sure you do not lose, Social Media Marketing is what you need to choose.

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