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Writing A SEO Friendly Press Release

Press releases are no longer just random announcements by businesses to increase customer awareness. With more and more people preferring to read online, press releases have shifted focus to make its presence felt online. Companies have used this opportunity to work in favor of their online presence. The focus has been to create press releases that are SEO friendly, which will boost their search engine rankings. However, the challenge is that most fail to understand what they need to do, and what they need to avoid when writing a press release for SEO purpose. In this article, we will look at a few dos and don’ts that will help you make your press release SEO friendly.



When it comes to anything related to SEO, research is a must. You need to know the keywords your customers are looking for when searching for products and services offered by you. This will give you a clear picture of the words you need to target. Avoid guess work, because it may spell disaster. There are many free keyword research tool available on the net which you could use. Make a list of the top key words and make use of them when writing your press release.


Knowing your keywords is good, but placing them correctly in your article is very important. The optimization of your press release hugely depends on how you place your keywords in your press release. To get a better result in search rankings, you have to include the keyword in your title and subheadings. Also make sure that your first paragraph too has the keyword included. For the rest of the press release, use the keyword wherever possible and wherever it makes good reading sense.  

Back Links

Add some key-word rich anchor text back links to your press release that diverts readers to your website. Your readers will be able to get more information when they get to your website. Now this helps to increase organic traffic to your site. However there is something more that you can accomplish with key-word rich anchor text back links.  It helps increase the ranking of your linked page as well.


Stuff Keywords

You would not want to unnecessarily stuff the keywords too many times in your press release. Rather than concentrating on stuffing keywords in your press release, try and write a press release that is easy and fun to read. Creating such a press release will automatically take care of the optimization and will also ensure that people read it.

Keyword Density

There were days when people talked about keyword density being so important for SEO. Believe me those days are far gone. Search engines do not work on key word density any longer. Focus on writing a good press release and don’t bother about measuring your keyword density.


Writing press release to improve your search engine ranking is good, but only that in view will not work well. Writing something that is informative, interesting and well written surely makes it worth a read. Simply put, write your press release to be read by people not by machines.

The next time you think of a press release think of these things. Write a newsworthy press release and enjoy good media coverage as well as a good search engine ranking.

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